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Why We Do It....

"Well I have to tell you, pole has done more for my body self image than ANYTHING I've ever done. I've always had a really messed up - I'd say dismorphia issue --and the environment you've created has totally changed that for me..."
- Student

...I just really love your classes, you're awesome all of the instructors are so nice and fantastic dancers!! You can not imagine how positive, happy and how confident I feel after every single class..."
- Student

Mind Body & Pole Fitness is your one-stop-shop fitness facility that specializes in Pole Dance Fitness, Burlesque, Floor Dance, Twerk-Fitness, and more.  The Mind Body & Pole Fitness Experience is marked by personal trainer style teaching, education, family-style setting, and FUN!  Get ready for pole fitness like you've never seen it.

Have a bachelorette party or girls' night out to host? Let us take care of that for you! We put the UNFORGETTABLE in unforgettable. We have a variety of party packages available to fit your needs. We offer themed parties that include cakes, decorations, a complimentary bottle of wine or champagne and more. Click here for more details and information.

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What We Do...

Gracie-Nicole, Owner/Instructor


Mind Body & Pole Fitness was created to give women a place where they can go and just be free! Many times as women we wear so many hats -- the mom, the wife, the girlfriend, the employee, the student, the daughter, the BFF... and we have not time for us. Mind Body & Pole Fitness was started by a working mom who was also a full time graduate student so we understand the pressures of life! We want to take the 'blah' out of fitness and empower women through the art of sensual dance!

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